My children have awakened




My Children have awakened




My Children have awakened


What will today bring?


8 thoughts on “Awake

  1. I love this, Sue!! My children have awakened…. I will be saying that line to myself now every weekend morning! I love your word choice here – pretend, share, argue. Totally my house. This is a great poem. LOVE IT!!

  2. Love this slice, Sue! With a few, well-chosen words, you’ve captured it all….the fun and joy that kids bring to our lives, as well as the headaches and frustration. Either way, it’s always an adventure! “What will today bring?”

  3. Love it! Life is never too busy for a little poem, a stream of consciousness type list of the many things that a morning–or just five minutes of the morning!–can bring. And I love how “kiss” and “hug” are quickly followed by “attack”… I have three kids and I’m amazed at how quickly a wonderful, can-time-slow-down-please moment can be followed by a HOLY-SMOKES-WHEN-ARE-THEY-GOING-TO-COLLEGE moment. 🙂 And I laugh!

    Great job!

  4. This is a great Slice! I have a feeling that in a few short years I will be sitting in my kitchen waiting for my little one to awake for the day. Such a beautiful piece on the sometime chaotic, always rewarding life with kiddos!

  5. I love this! So few words and yet I feel like I experienced what it is like to be at your home.I loved the ending. As a parent you never know what your day will bring.

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