First one is always the hardest

So I am not a writer.  I tend to write in a stream of consciousness, erase and start again.  Last year the slice of life writing challenge intrigued me.  This year I am jumping in.  I have just spent the last two days driving to and from Bloomington thinking about what I could contribute to this challenge.  The more I thought, the more I realize that it was not about my contribution, but about myself.  Challenging myself, putting snippets of my life out there, willingly embracing the limb that I am climbing out on and trying something new.  This is my something new.  I plan to share pieces of my life, both past and present.  I plan to share my hopes and dreams.  I plan to share things that make me laugh, and things that make me cry.  But most of all, I plan to open myself to all that writing has to offer and see what truths I can uncover.


6 thoughts on “First one is always the hardest

  1. Sue, I’m so glad you’re jumping in!! You are going to love it. I love your realization that this is not about what you can contribute, but about what you can gain. I can’t wait to read your stories and insights – I’ll be right here laughing and crying with you!
    And, btw, if stream of consciousness if your style, don’t fight it. Just let it out!

  2. I think you’re already a writer… 🙂 it will he interesting to reflect back on this post at the end of the journey and see if you followed through with those plans, irbid your life, your thought, your pen take you in a completely different direction! I look forward to slicing with you!

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